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China’s publishing industry is sizzling with e-books and reading devices After online shopping, internet-based finance, mobile payments and bicycle-sharing, the digital dimension in China is taking in its sweep the world of books. The publishing industry has gone digital in a big way, spawning a market comprising 300 million users of mobile devices who read electronic…   No. Of Pages: […]

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Audio books are a sound biz now

Audio Book

Shanghai-based Ximalaya Inc, owner of a Chinese audio-sharing app that has become popular in recent years, not only provides a large number of books in audio format but allows its millions of users to create and share audio content. Ximalaya has audio copyrights to 70 percent of current bestsellers. Its users appreciate the books by listening.…   No. Of Pages: […]

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Are You an Audio Learner?

About 30% of the population are audio learners, meaning they retain more information if they hear it. ¹ Audio books have been around for many years, there’s nothing new about this technology, only that it is constantly keeping up with eReaders and mobile technology. Audible is something that you can download onto a mobile these days, and listen too any […]

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Audio Books In The Car

Audio Books In The Car Traveling by car to work, and feeling like this is wasting some precious time? Offering you a solution is easy, with audio books. Playing an audio book to gain that extra knowledge that you wanted or to simply switch off and listen to a well read book, to pass the time away just got that […]

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